Glenny Wood Risk Assessments suite

Below are the Glenny Wood Risk Assessments which are manditory for all those using the site. These set the minimum standards which must be followed and you should use when creating your site user risk assessment.

Please ensure you have read through these, prior to your visit, and follow their requirements....

To access the Risk Assessments

Click on the pictures / badges below

1 - Manditory Risk Assessments

Glenny Wood Site Generic Risk Assessment

For ALL site Users


Risk Assessment 


Risk Assessment

Car Park

Risk Assessment

Toilets & Showers

Risk Assessment

LPG on site Risk Assessment

2 - Draft Risk Assessments

Below is a selection of draft risk assessments we have developed to help site users to review and develop as their own risk assessments.

These Risk Assessments must to be reviewed and amended, to meet your own sections requirements and  their safety.

This is not an exclusive list and you should risk assess your event as required.

Site Activities

Bouldering Wall

Altar Fires

Camp Fires x3

Holly Rowan

and Maple


Pond dipping & Wetlands



Table Tennis

Treasure Hunt


Skills for Life Activities


Building kits

Radio Active


Sheep Penning

(No sheep needed!)

Traditional Scouting Areas which you can do at Glenny.

You need to supply your own equipment

Blind Fold Trail

Indoor Games

Walking / Hikes on Roads

Walking / Hikes off Road