Scout Pioneering is the original big build. Challenge yourself to build out of wood poles and rope, a project that you could perhaps climb over, slide down, catapult an object, create a gateway… and much more.


Let your imagination work with your knotting, lashing and pioneering skills to build something spectacular

At Glenny Wood we have a fabulous range of poles from 3 feet to 12 feet in length and rope.


The poles and lots of blue rope are available in the pole store.


If you want to build something spectacular tells us your plans and we will see if we have the kit.


If you need advice / help just let us know.


Some ideas to get you thinking can be found at or other websites

Don’t forget the John Sweet book on Scout Pioneering. It’s a few years old but really good…..

To help you run the activity I have produced the following information for guidance and to be followed please

Factsheet - all the info you need to set up and run the activitiy - Info>>>>

Risk Assessments - Draft form for you to review and amend to meet the risks associated with your use of the equipment and Young People - Info>>>>

Packing away guidelines have been produced to help you tidy up the activity and put everything away. - Info>>>>

Be safe - follow the factsheet

Have FUN