Confidence Course

Confidence Course and Fallen Tree Walkway

1 - The Confidence Course and Fallen Tree Walkway


These activities were designed for young people to have fun and to climb over, under adult supervision. It is also there to develop team working and leadership skills, with the right challenges set. Guidelines to use this area and ideas for challenges are below. Any further ideas for challenges to be undertaken on this course are welcome, so please let us know.


Please review and amend the risk assessment to suit the needs of your section / group.

Helmets should be worn when undertaking this activity. They are stored in the Activity shed, opposite the loos. Please ensure the Helmets are cleaned after use, inside & out. Wet wipes are provided 


Please check the obstacles and log walk before using to ensure they are sound. Please let us know if you find any problems


Please brief the users on the course, the safety approach you wish to take, boundaries, proposed activities etc..... 


Be extra careful if the equipment is wet, as both this and the ground can become slippery 


Please ensure adult supervision is around the course when your section / group are using it. 


2 - Team building/ Leadership challenges - ideas.


Give the team a bucket of water and a pole which between them they have to carry around the course, without touching the ground with it or spilling much of the contents.


The team hold hands and make their way around the course.


I am sure you can invent similar games to do on the confidence course


3 - Safety when using these activities


Unsupervised play in this area is not safe and should not happen. 

Please ensure adult supervision is around the tree when your section / group are using it. 


There is Hand gel, a pack of wipes and disposal bags provided with this activity,

with the Helmets. It is however recommended you also bring your own.


The Helmets which must be worn on this activity are stored in the Activities Shed 



4 - Packing away


At the end of your activity the least favourite activity is packing up. Below is a check list to be followed, to help you with the packing up and I hope make things much quicker.....

  • All helmets to be returned to the activity shed and cleaned with Antiseptic wipes.
  • Shed to be locked and numeric padlock well scrambled and cleaned with Antiseptic wipes.
  • Ensure the tree walk is clean and litter free
  • Leaders please ensure this is all completed and not just left to the young people (Young Leaders)


Any damage please report through It is important this is done please and not left for others to discover. 


Any pictures of the activity you are willing to share please email to 

Risk Assessment for this activity

Click on the risk diagram

To book this Activity please go to OSM either direct or via our bookings page

Be safe - follow the factsheet

Have a go