HEALTH and SAFETY – the number one priority

Before using Glenny Wood please ensure you read through the Health & Safety areas below. This has been put in place to assist you with ensuring your group remains as safe a possible whilst at Glenny Wood.

The Risk Assessment - The Risk assessment information provided are two fold -

  • Site Risk Assessment for which need to be reviewed and followed
  • DRAFT RA forms which you need to review and revise them to meet the requirements of your group.

The RA forms must be read in conjunction with the factsheets as these lay out the processes to following when using the site and activities. 

The Factsheets - give you key guidance and information about how to use Glenny Wood and the Activities. - They are key reading pre visit and to assist whilst on site.

Windy Weather - It is important to note that we have been advised in a woodland setting you should not meet there when the winds reach speeds / forecasted to reach speeds of 32 MPH. See the Windy Weather policy below.


Glenny Wood

Fact Sheets


Emergency Fire procedure


Key Health Information


Woodland Managment


Windy Weather Policy