At Glenny Wood what is available for your Residential stay

or for your visit during the Day or the Evening.

Glenny Wood is a great place to visit, either morning / afternoon or both.

Or why not come along in the evening as lots do and have FUN at Glenny

Glenny Wood is a great place to camp.

The site is split into 8 camping plateaus.

The site lends itself well for all types of camping 

Click the link Camping for details, sizes etc

Glenny Wood has really good indoor facilities with our Centrally Heated lodge - ideal for sleepovers, weekend indoor stays and meetings.

Glenny Wood has excellant toilet and shower facilities

with HOT running water

I am often asked, how busy in Glenny Wood with visits and camps. Well very busy is the simple answer.

During 2023 we have seen 209 visits on site with 5737 people visiting.

So yes we have seen lots of people having fun and learning new skills at Glenny Wood

Please keep to the 20 MPH Speed Limit in

Clapton in Gordano Village