Pond Dipping

Pond Dipping

This is an area great for nature activities such as pond dipping.

The area has a large decking area covered in artificial grass for you to pond dip off and a stream running through it......

We have pond dipping equipment available along with nets and information cards.

Pond dipping is an excellent activity for young people of all ages and is a great way to introduce them to a wide range of plants, insects and amphibians. It also offers an opportunity to learn about food chains and food webs as well as discovering variations in lifecycles and the effects of pollution on aquatic life.

How to pond dip:

  1. Half fill a tray or pot with water and set aside. Do the same with your collecting pots and/or magnifying pots (if using).
  2. Use a net to dip into the pond. Sweeping in a figure of eight will ensure that you retain the catch in the net. Areas around the edge of the pond, especially near vegetation, tend to be the most productive. Take care not to scoop up mud from the bottom of the pond, as this will clog up your net and make it difficult to see what you have caught.
  3. Gently turn the net inside out into the tray. Once everything has settled, you should be able to view a fascinating selection of pond-dwelling creatures. A pipette can be used to transfer individual specimens to a magnifying pot for a closer look.
  4. Use a guide provided to help identify the species.
  5. When you have finished, make sure to return all water and inhabitants to the pond. Trays, pots and nets should be rinsed and dried thoroughly before storage.

Please note: Young people should always be well supervised and aware of health and safety rules when working near water. Suitable clothing should be worn; wellington boots or other sturdy footwear are recommended.

Please remember that everyone involved in this activity should wash their hands afterwards

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To help you run the activity I have produced the following information for guidance and to be followed please

Factsheet - all the info you need to set up and run the activitiy - Info>>>>

Packing away guidelines have been produced to help you tidy up the activity and put everything away. Info>>>>

Be safe - follow the factsheet

Have FUN

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