Camp Fires

Camp Fires at Glenny Wood

At Glenny Wood camp site, you are welcome to have a camp fire or cooking fire or both.

This is part of our scouting tradition after all. Glenny is in a woodland area,

often with lots of young people on site, so please be extra vigilant when lighting fires.

Camp Fires

There are three campfires areas at GlennyWood which you can book to use via OSM.

The camp fire areas are- .

Holly campfire - This campfire area is just below the lodge. This is a large campfire area in a sloping area with three of the sides sloping down to the fire pit. It is a fabulous place for all campfire activities, from a small group or. a large group event of over 100...

Rowan campfire - Far end of the site between Willow and above the confidence course. This is a very traditional area with logs to site on, which will accommodate between 20/30 people and there is plenty not room behind the logs for camp chairs so extra people can come and join in the fun

Maple campfire - This campfire area is near Apple at the bottom of the plateau, near the steam and above the loo block. This is a very traditional area with logs to site on, which will accommodate between 15/20 people. We would like to think this area becomes an informal campfire, where our young people and adults can sit and chat, perhaps sing a few songs, make toast, cook sausage on sticks and so on. Use your imagination have have a lot of fun. Ideal area for a small group having a backwood cooking evening / meal.

Wood - There is wood lying around and available at Glenny, so scavenge for wood that has fallen in our woodlands areas. If using wood from the woodpile, please do not remove or use more than you need. 

Campfire safety and etiquette 

All three campfire areas have 2 fire buckets provided. Before starting please ensure the buckets are full of water and when leaving again please refill.

When having fires please

    • Only burn wood you need to.
    • Avoid excessive banking up of fires.
    • Use only the wood supplied on site
    • Don't bring pallet wood to use.
    • Don’t bring shredding to burn, as it makes such a mess and does not burn that well!

When you have finished at the campfire please ensure

  • the fires are fully out, nothing is left alight.
  • all unburnt rubbish including tin foil is removed and taken away.
  • all unused wood please return to the wood pile, making sure it is not burning.

Please ensure leave the area clean and tidy with all your rubbish removed.

The three CAMPFIRE areas, using he designated fire pits  are the only places for ground fires in Glenny Wood 

Holly Camp Fire

Rowan Camp Fire

Maple Camp Fire

Risk Assessment for this activity

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To book this Activity please go to OSM either direct or via our bookings page