Other Activities

Other Activities you can do at Glenny

These are ones you can arrange and do yourselves.

A few ideas, more welcome please.


Backwoods Cooking - There are altar fires and plenty of wood on site, so all you need is to bring the food to cook and enjoy!

Bivouacs Loads of materials and space for this activity in the wooded area above the main track, please avoid the games and camping areas.

We ask that you dismantle after use, and put the construction materials back from where you got them.

Wide games – Glenny is a fantastic site for wide games, let your imagination run wild and run those games in one of the safest environments you can get. Need ideas then please ask

Dont forget to build a story around your wide game to get the young people interested and "up" for the challenge.

Wide Games - Risk Assessment - Info>>>>

Blind Fold Trail - Bring your own long rope and lay a trail through the woods for members of your group to follow, blind folded.

Its a great game to experience loss of sight and how to adapt

Hiking - Enjoy a long walk around Glenny Wood, or hike along the paths near by. Lots of places to go.

Indoor Games - Hiring the lodge then you my wish to play indoor games, suitable for the room. No ball games please 

Risk Assessment for these activities

Click on the risk diagram