Glenny Wood Scout Campsite

Fabulous Volunteering opportunities

Glenny Wood is a popular and successful campsite and we are now looking to expand the team, to further develop and improve the campsite and even out volunteer team members work loads.

Glenny Wood is a volunteer run site.

Interested in Making a Difference.... please read on

We are looking to recruit volunteers both from scouting and the community to help run

and maintain a site that hosted over 4000 visits last year.

The teams primary role is to ensure the site is safe and well maintained for users to develop and use their skills, along with having a lot of fun and create lasting memories.

Glenny Wood has seen much change over the years and robust systems and processes for the site are in place and these new roles will further develop the site for the benefit of those who use it.


Those appointed will have every opportunity make their own positive mark on the site. To enable this, support, training, development and help is available.


We encourage applications from those interested in these roles, be you a member of the Scout Association or wider community. The right attitude, enthusiasm and commitment is as important as the core skills for the roles,

which can be learnt.

Job Descriptions of for the Volunteer roles

we are inviting you to apply for

Glenny Wood Operations Manager  - volunteer role

This role can be split and shared by 2 or more people

Key responsibilities

  • Taking the lead with site users so they make the most from their “Glenny Wood experience”
  • Maintaining and delivery of the site maintenance plan
  • Identification and delivery of unforeseen site maintenance
  • Undertaking safety checks and actioning work needed
  • Ensure the site is available, clean and tidy, including the lodge, plateaus, and toilet block.
  • Ensuring activities equipment is fit for purpose, safe and available for site users.
  • Managing the Operations to meet financial requirements.
  • To work collaboratively with Glenny Wood team members
  • Employ sub contractors, as necessary to undertake specialist works.


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Chairman

Line Management - Glenny Wood Site team members - volunteers

Management of Sub Contractors


Key Skills

  • To have an understanding of and commitment to Scouting and it’s ethos.
  • Be able to deliver and manage own workload
  • Lead the work of others and work in a team
  • Have an awareness of general Health & Safety procedures and work safely.
  • Able to adapt working practices safely to suit operational challenges
  • Have practical skills akin to DIY
  • Able to use computer packages such as Office and Email
  • Have experience in working to a plan and budget.
  • Be willing to learn, obtain new skills and develop.

Glenny Wood Site team members - Maintenance and Development - volunteer roles

Do you enjoy the outdoors, a challenge, physical activity and not afraid to get your hands dirty and stuck into a job..... then why not volunteer at Glenny Wood in our site team. 

We are looking for keen, willing helpers to work as part of a team and on your own undertaking a range of roles.


Key responsibilities

  • Site maintenance both planned and adhoc, (Grass cutting, strimming, repairs, etc...). 
  • Site development activities, such as introducing new and exciting activities.
  • Maintaining our equipment, including our Tractors and mowers.


Reports to the Glenny Wood Operations Manager


Key skills - 

  • Practical in approach
  • Work flexibly and safely
  • Work to the plan
  • Work in a team


These are flexible volunteering roles which would suit someone on shift working, at University or College or has days off during the week, or for those retired.


Booking Secretary - volunteer role


An essential volunteer role to manage all booking requests to use the site


Key responsibilities

  • To maintain the booking system via OSM
  • To ensure all booking requests are promptly dealt with
  • To provide advice and support to those planning to use the site
  • Ensure user fees, including deposits are paid to time
  • Chase those who have not paid to time


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Chairman


Key skills - 

  • Computer literate
  • Able to communicate with others
  • Organised and thorough in approach

This role is now filled

People Manager (HR) - volunteer role


A key role in the creation and then support of the Glenny Wood Campsite Team


Key responsibilities

  • Recruitment of members to the team
  • Encourage team members to undertake the necessary Scout required training
  • Arrange / support team members with specialist training
  • Ensure all team members are DBS covered
  • Provide Communication support
  • Create social opportunities for the team.
  • Create necessary records to cover training undertaken and retraining


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Chairman


Key Skills

  • Computer literate
  • An understanding of HR Management
  • Flexible

Woodlands Development Manager - volunteer role


To undertake the management of the Sites Wooded areas


Key responsibilities

  • To undertake a monthly review of the woodlands for changes and damage
  • To undertake a  review of the woodlands, following significant storms (33mph +) for changes and damage
  • Record findings and seek suitable resolutions.
  • Arrange for the annual Arboriculture specialist site review.
  • Undertake the necessary actions following this review
  • Manage works undertaken by sub contractors
  • Work with Operations manager for Woodland work to be undertaken.
  • Develop and lead on the tree replanting programme
  • Seek funding opportunities for woodlands works in liaison with the Finance Manager 
  • Lead on site policies on Woodland Management and Windy Weather.


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Chairman


Key Skills

  • Computer literate
  • An interest in Woodlands and conservation
  • Reasonably Fit
  • Methodical in approach
  • Good at influencing people

Finance and Funding Manager - volunteer role


Glenny Wood has to be very careful to maximise the limited financial resources available. This role is key to this and in seeking additional funding for site development.


Key Responsibilities

  • Seek funding opportunities for increase site income for Development and Maintenance works
  • Review spreadsheet to ensure all income and expenditure is recorded
  • Ensure all income has been received
  • Ensure accounts are ready for Annual audit
  • Establish budgets for all key areas of site spend and monitor performance against budgets.
  • Provide advice and direction where budgets are at risk.


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Chairman


Line Management - Treasurer


Key Skills

  • Computer literate
  • An understanding of good Financial Management
  • Flexible

Safety Advisor - volunteer role


To provide the Site team with Safety advice, Guidance and organisation


Key responsibilities

  • To undertake a monthly review of the site
  • To undertake a  review of the site after any significant occurrence
  • Record findings and look at ways to resolve any issues via the Operations Manager.
  • Review the weekly safety  / inspections undertaken and discuss with the OM any further actions
  • Own the site policies / Risk assessments and fact sheets and arrange for the annual review to be undertaken
  • Instigate new site policies / Risk assessments and fact sheets as required


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Chairman



Key Skills

  • Computer literate
  • An interest in safety management
  • Reasonably Fit
  • Methodical in approach
  • Good at influencing people

Souvenir Shop Manager - volunteer role


To take on the managing and running the site shop, ordering and sales.

We operate a small souvenir shop on site and via the website. We are looking for someone to focus on this area for us, to encourage and support our site users wishing to purchase souvenirs.

The shop is open upon request currently so you get to meet those on site as well as requests via the website. Therefore we are looking for someone to bring new ideas and approach to develop this area and increase our income.


Key responsibilities

  • To maintain the shop stock levels
  • To ensure all requests are promptly dealt with
  • To encourage site users to use the shop
  • Ensure prompt payment of goods purchased
  • Chase those who have not paid to time


Role - reports to Glenny Wood Site Operations Manager


Key skills -

  • Customer oriented & Flexible
  • Handle monies and keep simple accounts.

For those joining the team who are currently not involved in Scouting.

For the safety of those appointed and the site users, DBS checks prior to the appointment will need to be undertaken, and the key initial scout training, including safe guarding / safety will need to be undertaken within 3 months of appointment.

Support and encouragement is there to help welcome you to Scouting and complete these basic training needs.