Snook Ball


Snookball is a hybrid sport that blends pool with football.


The principle of the game is based on pool, but the balls are replaced by footballs and the cue by a pair of feet. The name Snookball comes from a legendary pool move: the snooker, which occurs when a player is obstructed from taking a shot in a straight line by an opponent's ball.

When a player successfully pots their own ball they shoot again until they miss or foul.

Key to success on the Glenny Snookball court is to use skill and control when kicking the white cue ball. To whack it, usually means the white ball or target ball or both end up going out of the court. So off you run to collect

There are 15 coloured balls and the white ball.

Please make sure all are there and put away when you finish


Aim of the game

To win the game, the player must pocket all their balls and then the blackball.

Initial ball set-up

For snookball, the balls are arranged using a triangular rack. The black ball is placed on the white spot in row 3. All the other balls are placed around the black ball in alternate spots and stripes.

Tip - Don't whack the white ball, use skill and angles to pocket the coloured balls ....

The Break

The player places the white ball on the white spot opposite the balls. A break is valid when the white ball hits another ball in the triangular group seen above


Regular shots

A player's turn lasts as long as they keep legally potting balls, until they miss a shot or commit a foul.

Missed shots

After a missed shot, the opponent who takes over should resume play with the white in the position where it was left.


When a player commits any of the following fouls, the opponent can take two free shots as long as they do not commit a foul on their first attempt:

- Hitting a ball that is not one of theirs

- If the white ball does not hit any balls

When a player commits any of the following fouls, the opponent can place the white ball back to the white spot or along an imaginary line from side to side through the white spot and shoot from there. They get two free shots as long as they do not commit a foul on their first attempt:

- Pocketing the white ball

- Hitting the white ball off the court


Balls pocketed during a foul are not put back onto the court. 

If you pocket the black ball before pocketing all your balls, either spots or stripes, you forfeit the game.

Winning the game

You win the game by pocketing all the balls that you have to, either the spots or stripes. Once all your balls are pocketed you then must pocket the blackball.

Tips on playing the game

Use skill and line up your shots

Do not use too much power or whack the white ball

Try and pocket your balls or get them close to a pocket

Try and make the shot for your opponent as difficult as possible, as long a distance between the white ball and their balls or snooker them or try and get the white ball near the side cushion.

Players - This can be 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 or more. When it is not a players go they can stand up on the side cushion, keeping their feet tucked in. DO NOT SIT ON THE RAILINGS.

To play Snookball on the Glenny Wood Court all players must


All games must be played in bare feet or feet with socks on.

This can be a team or individual game.... same rules apply

When you have finished using the activity please ensure there are

15 coloured balls and the white ball.

If not please search the area around the activity and find them.....

Risk Assessment for this activity

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I am sure you will find many more ways to play the game.

Enjoy and have


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