Site Usage

Glenny Wood Scout Camp Site

Site Usage - 2023

I am often asked, how busy in Glenny Wood with visits and camps. Well very busy is the simple answer.

Visits and Camps in 2023 at Glenny Wood

The total usage at Glenny Wood for 2023 has grown again, this time by 20%.  So last year we had 209 visits/camps with 5737 people on site. Of these 160 visits with 4455 people attending plus 49 camps were held with 1282 people on site. 

So, year on year overall

  • The increase in site usage is significant with 34 more visits and 711 extra people on site.
  • This shows 30 more sectional visits mainly during the evenings with 842 people increase over 2022.
  • Camps were up by 4 although actual numbers down by 131.


Gordano District Site usage - The site remains very popular with evening visits from Gordano District members with 123 Visits and 3630 District members on site plus 15 camps with 410 attending.


Within Gordano the usage is large and increasing year on year, 17% for 2023.

  • There is a significant increase with 18 more visits meaning a further 672 extra visitors.
  • Camps were up by 1 with 40 more campers year on year.

Most popular Activities used in 2023 at Glenny Wood

The activities have again been very popular and its fabulous seeing the young people, and some older, particapating in these activities having loads of fun, as well as learning new skills as then get fully involved.

Our top eight activities are - 

  • Confidence Course & Tree Walk - used on 60 Occasions
  • Tunnels                                        - used on 53 Occasions
  • Grass Sledges                             - used on 53 Occasions
  • Bouldering Wall                            - used on 48 Occasions         
  • Squirrel Trail                                 - used on 31 Occasions
  • Snookball                                     - used on 31 Occasions
  • Big Games                                   - used on 30 Occasions
  • Peddle Karts                                - used on 29 Occasions

Full usage details in the attached information sheets