Pedal Karts 

 We have 2 large and smaller karts to be used on our dedicated area on Sycammore.

The larger Karts are for all users and the smaller karts are for Beavers and Cubs please.

Traffic cones are provided so you can mark out your own course.

Flags are there to use if you want for start, finish etc........

Tip use the area nearest the tyres for best results

Please use the Karts only on the track on Sycamore.

To help you run the activity I have produced the following information for guidance and to be followed please

Factsheet - all the info you need to set up and run the activitiy - Info>>>>

Risk Assessments - Draft form for you to review and amend to meet the risks associated with your use of the equipment and Young People - Info>>>>

Packing away guidelines have been produced to help you tidy up the activity and put everything away. - Info>>>>

Be safe - follow the factsheet

Have FUN