Windy Weather

Windy Weather Policy

For your SAFETY

Wind Speeds forecasted at 32 miles per hour will normally mean the site is closed for the duration.

1 - Glenny Wood camp site is in a very wooded environment, and advice has been sought from our professional adviser O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd.  

2 - Wind speed can be sought from the following links below or the users preferred weather app. Glenny Wood Management team use automatic notification information from Windy, for all speeds above 28mph. 

3 - For safety considerations,

   3.1 - when forecasted wind speeds, not just gusts, reach 32 mph level, the site will normally be closed for the duration.

   3.2 - if unsure seek advice from Glenny team by phoning 01275562102

4 - The above wind speed criteria is included in the Glenny Wood users factsheets and draft risk assessments -  

5 - To position the risk of a tree falling and killing someone therefore and to avoid panic

    • the chances of being killed by a tree in a public space in the UK is about 1 in 20,000,000 (according to the UK Health & Safety Executive, “Management of the risk from falling trees – Internal guidance”)
    • the risk of dying in a road accident in any year in the UK approaches 1 in 20,000

6 - Should users damage trees whilst on site this must be reported, via email to  

Beaufort wind scale below outlines the wind speed criteria.