Windy Weather

Factsheet - Windy Weather

1 - Glenny Wood camp site is in a very wooded environment, and advice has been sought from our professional adviser O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd.  

Following advice received, when winds exceed 32mph (force 7), consideration to closing the site until the winds have died down should be made. The safety of all site users is paramount, therefore all section leaders/adults in charge using the site must add in a wind speed criteria into their risk assessment and action accordingly.

2 - Wind speed can be sought from the following links below or the users preferred weather app. Glenny Wood Management team use automatic notification information from Windy, for all speeds above 28mph. 

3 - For safety considerations,

   3.1 - when forecasted wind speeds reach 32 mph level, Glenny Wood site management reserves    

           the right to close the site. Anyone on site will be required to leave.

   3.2 - if the site is not closed, then consideration must be given by site users to leave the site for  

           safety reasons, when forecasted wind speeds reach 32 mph level.

   3.3 - if unsure seek advice from Glenny team by phoning 01275562102

4 - The above wind speed criteria is included in the Glenny Wood users factsheets and draft risk assessments -  

5 - To position the risk of a tree falling and killing someone therefore and to avoid panic

    • the chances of being killed by a tree in a public space in the UK is about 1 in 20,000,000 (according to the UK Health & Safety Executive, “Management of the risk from falling trees – Internal guidance”)
    • the risk of dying in a road accident in any year in the UK approaches 1 in 20,000

6 - Should users damage trees whilst on site this must be reported, via email to  

7 - The HSE guidelines on Management of the risk from falling trees can be found at HSE>>>

8 - The Glenny Wood approach to HSE guidelines specifically paragraph 10, is detailed below.

    • 10 - i - site is zoned in two parts - part 1 main camping and user areas. Part 2 - sloping woodland area. Map >>>>
    • 10 - ii - monthly passive tree inspections of the site
      • Zone 1 is undertaken by trained Glenny Wood volunteer team members, with photo graphic record being created.
      • Zone 2 distance visual look is made every 3 months.
    • 10 - iii - record made on our site inspection sheets.
    • 10 - iv - warden / chairman advised or in his absence Site manager informed. Contact is made then to our professional adviser O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd
    • 10 - v - reporting is via the site booking email system - 
    • 10 - vi - any such decision, risk assessment and action plan will be undertaken in consultation with our professional adviser O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd
    • 10 - vii - professional contractors are employed to undertake works once the necessary permissions have been obtained. T Pople services are our current preferred supplier.
    • 10 - viii - identified individual tree inspections area undertaken annually by O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd and monthly passive inspections by trained Glenny Wood volunteer team members
    • 10 - ix - monthly inspection sheets record activity and annual inspections are planned. Chairman / Warden role checks to ensure this is undertaken.

Beaufort wind scale below outlines the wind speed criteria.