Water test

Water testing

To ensure the water we use on site is fit for purpose we have employed Aquastat, Artius Property Protection Ltd >>>> to undertake the necessary checks.

6 samples were taken as follows

  • Lodge kitchen - Cold water ( Hot water is from the combi boiler using same cold water and not storage)
  • Loos - Cold water
  • Outside tap

Water was taken for general bacterial water samples and analysis. The great news was all results came back satisfactory

Water samples were also taken from

  • Shower room 2
  • Shower room 4
  • Loos

These three samples were from water from the Hot Water Cylinder in the Toilet Block and specifically checking for Legionella

Again the great news is that the results were satisfactory and Legionella not detected.

A copy of the 6 results notifications are below

Results notifcation information from

Aquastat, Artius Property Protection Ltd

General bacterial result sheets - April 2021

Legionella result sheets - April 2021