Field Study

Here are some ideas on field study activities you can do with beavers, cubs and Scouts. Activities selected will depend on the learner’s age, stage of development and interests:

1. Minibeast hunts

  • set out an small (1m square area) for your young people to explore what creatures they can find in it.
  • Use the guides to identify the creatures.

2. Pond dipping

  • Book the pond area, where you will find nets and trays and magnifying glasses along with identification sheets. 

3. Tree identification

  • Go on a hunt around Glenny wood to find as many varieties of trees as you can
  • Use the Leaf hunt laminated sheets to identify them and see which team gets back with all of them found.
  • Use a leaders / adults phone to photograph them to prove they found them. 

4. Bird watching

  • Use the posters on the lodge to identify the birds you see around Glenny wood.

5. Environmental Scavenger hunt

  • Split into small groups – brief on the items and any dangers i.e. berries some being poisonous and some edible and eating leaves unless they know what they are etc.
  • Try to collect as many of the items on the laminated sheets as possible.

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Field Studies Activities