Sensory Activities

Sensory activities and ideas you can do with beavers, cubs and Scouts. Activities selected will depend on the learner’s age, stage of development and interests:  Games ideas to cover the following senses

1. Colour

  • Use the colours and nature laminate to give young people a colour range that you want them to go away and find.
  • Create your own version of the colour wheel using the items found.
  • Or using some sticks create on the floor some ‘picture frames’ so that they can use the items they find to create a picture which can be what every they like but shows  off the colours they were given.

2. Sound

  • Get the young people to identify all the sounds they hear in a given time frame, see how many different noises they hear besides the rumble of the M5.

3. Touch

  • Feel the different trees bark as you go around, understand the differences.
  • Use the Touch Scavenger Hunt and find all the things on it.

4. Blindfold game

  • Split group into pairs.
  • One child chooses a tree while the partner is blindfolded.  First child leads partner to the tree and blindfolded child explores the tree to ‘get to know it’. 
  • Both children return to start point and the blindfold is removed,  children then try to find their trees by remembering size smell form texture etc. 
  • Repeat for the other child and another tree.

5. Sight

  • Find any area where the trees overhang the ground not hard at Glenny.  Explain that you are going to go on a tree top walk and you will need your magic mirror to keep safe.  Give each child a cd and check that they can hold it at chin or end of nose level and look into it to see the objects above them. 
  • Take the children down to the woods and form a follow my leader line one hand on th shoulder of the child in front on hand holding the CD in place. 
  • Take the children for a walk under and between the trees commenting on things you can see above.
  • CDs for sight activitiy in the draw can be used shiny side up.

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