Report 2019

Glenny Wood review


What's been going on?

We have had a busy time in 2019

at Glenny Wood Scout Campsite.

During 2019 there have been lots and lots of people using the site, as bookings are up on previous years. Site users include many from Gordano, other Scouts and Guides from the local areas as well as other parts of the UK and we have had a couple of international visits. The site has also been used by other organisations….


In addition we have undertaken a lot of development work, in addition to the ongoing and often substantial maintenance required to keep the site at a reasonable level. Pleasingly throughout the hot summer the grass remained green in most areas! 


Managing the site

A significant amount of time is spent maintaining the site, much more than most people see.


A few of the 200++things we have done -

  • Weekly or more cleaning of loos, along with having to unblock them on a number of occasions!
  • Replacement of damage, for example- Camp fire surrounds, and Confidence Course
  • Returning wood to wood pile from around the site. This is something site users should do before leaving the site
  • Grass cutting ...... both with the tractor and by mower - lots of steps walked!
  • Revamping the Glenny Wood website.



Angus Wardle our site manager within the team, looked after Glenny from Mid May to Mid July including the bookings as Kath and I were off in Alaska and Western Canada on our travels!

During this time, as always in the summer, the focus was on maintaining the site, lots of grass cutting and other foliage control and minor repairs, with Jill and Andy Derrick assisting Angus, helping to look after the site,……plus Lloyds Bank volunteering days


Weekly planned site inspections take place to ensure the risk is managed and any maintenance work needed is identified

Annual servicing of the boiler and fire extinguishers undertaken.


Developing Glenny Wood


Our site infrastructure improvements have included -

  • Refurbishing the showers, new plastic decking and curtains
  • Splitting of wood for fires
  • Pond in wetlands – careful planting.
  • Trees removed as per the professional survey requirements
  • 50 years of Glenny sign put up.
  • Footbridge to the Aerial Runway and updated the platform and installed netting
  • The Aerial Runway is now up and running and leaders have been trained
  • Both tractors and mowers serviced
  • Adding decking to the Grass Sledge Course to extend it
  • Purchase of two new Grass Sledges

Woodland management – I arranged for our Arborculturalist Oli Frost to inspect the trees again in our main using area. There were no surprises with the outcome, with works required both felling and pollarding. Following obtaining the necessary planning Tom Pople and his team in March 20 felled the 8 trees that were identified as a significant risk.


Trees – we invited groups / members to sponsor a tree at Glenny. We raised sponsorship to cover the cost of purchasing the trees. In all we planted 50 new trees in November 19.

Community works undertaken – we have benefited again from Lloyds Bank volunteering support. In the summer months a couple of teams extended the confidence course, created a tree log walk, renewed the fencing at the car park, replaced log seats on the patio with new decking seats and added a fence as well. The support we get from Lloyds is fabulous and has made a significant difference to the site over the years.

Local sections including CCY Beavers and 1st Nailsea Scouts have also been volunteering on site

We have built up a much stronger relationship with the local community over the past 12 years and it’s good to see those from the village using the site on occasions. We also welcome the police onsite on a very regular basis for part of their specialist training requirements


District Activities weekend – we hosted this, which went well and the preparation work put in by ourselves prior to the event paid off. Lots of young people going home tired but happy… great news!


Looking ahead…..


As I type this report the Coronavirus has significantly changed our lives and what we can do at present. The site has been closed since 17th March, to comply with the Government restrictions and Scouting approach. When we reopen is uncertain and then a lot of major maintenance work will be need to make the site fit for purpose again.


Plans have been delayed because of the current situation although we still intend to progress a number of areas...


New Sewage Treatment Plant – a massive thank you to Avon Scouts and Gordano District Executive for their support with assisting with the funding of this project. Both  have agreed to fund a third of the costs, £4916 each with Glenny income funds paying the final third. This work is now scheduled in September 20. Info at >>>>


Skills for life - this is a set of activities and information which leaders can access to use in and around Glenny Wood, so improving the Young people’s knowledge and skills. It’s all laid on a plate for the leader to deliver.Info at >>>>


Bouldering Wall – the plans have been developed, costed and the climbing boards obtained from the suppliers for building a bouldering wall which will be attached to the bottom cabin. We will now be progressed to be ready for 2021 season.Info at >>>>


Lodge refurbishment – This is a long term plan (3-5 year programme). I am currently looking into ways to improve our accommodation and bring it up to a higher standard for residential indoor use. I have drafted a plan, which we have reviewed, to accommodate bunk rooms, loos, disabled loos, better storage facilities and retaining interview room capability. I have also asked for ideas on this with a post on the website. Initial stages will be finalising the design, seeking planning and funding. Then we can develop the building stage and get things moving.Info at >>>>


Plan of Works – to manage the site and ensure standards are maintained and improved requires a fair amount of planning and arranging. We have created again for the next 12 months or so a working document that will change, depending on what happens on site and of course finances. This of course will be subject to even greater revision / updating due to the current Covid 19 issues.


Communication – we continue to try and improve this to make life easier for all concerned.. we have -

  • Website totally rebuilt
  • New Factsheets >>>> and risk assessments >>>> continue to be developed and introduced
  • Windy Weather policy >>>>
  • Glenny Map revamped>>>>


Angus and I will be on site most Wednesdays, once lock down allows, during the day, and you are welcome to join us.... please ring the Glenny number first to check what’s happening......


Work undertaken by Volunteers.... a mega thanks for their commitment and hard work.

  • Angus Wardle whose constant help, hard work and support has helped made all above and more possible
  • Kath Woolcock, for help, support and patience
  • Tony Tween has come out on many occasions to help us and his support is much appreciated. He’s always welcome for coffee!
  • Many thanks Jill Derrick who is our treasurer...and to Andy, both have assisted when they have been able to, which is very much appreciated and welcome.
  • Business Community support – from Lloyd’s bank with many team members on site, thank you so much.....and more planned
  • Local groups who have assisted us on site, thank you……
  • And finally, me. I have managed / run / led the site since late 2006 and with help.... I believe we have seen the site positively and significantly grow over the past years and plan to continue to develop Glenny......I have also been looking after the bookings since Jan 2018.


We hope Glenny Wood will soon reopen so once again we can have hundreds of young people and our adult teams enjoying Glenny Wood Scout Campsite



Phil Woolcock 
Volunteer Site Chairman / Warden
Email -
Phone - 01275562102 - (No text messages)

2018 / 19 Glenny Wood review >>>>