Life at Glenny - 2018,

a review of what’s being going on..

by Phil Woolcock

We have had a busy time in 2018 at our Glenny Wood Scout Campsite.


There have been lots and lots of people using the site, many from Gordano, other Scouts and Guides from the Local areas as well as other parts of the UK and we have had a couple of international visits. The site has also been used by other organisations….


In addition we have undertaken a lot of development work, in addition to the ongoing and often substantial maintenance required to keep the site at a reasonable level. Pleasingly throughout the hot summer the grass remained green in most areas! 


So…. What has happened……




These seem to be up on previous years with many people returning to use the site. The income from bookings and activities kit used has been very positive this year, in addition to the membership financial support from the District.

Lodge & Patio and area

 *. Installed Fixed Altar Fires on the patio

 *. Painted the Lodge doors

 *. Re-sealed the decking 

 *. Internal lodge doors painted

 *. Painted the garage side door and store room door

 *. Displays outside the Lodge updated 

 *. Roofs cleaned off, a lot of natural debris was removed.

Loos - under gone a major refreshment 


 *. Painted the exterior of the building (with Lloyd’s Bank team help)


 *. Painted the inside walls of boys & girls loos


 *. Re-sealed the decking 

Activities on site


 *. Installed a new game - Snookball 


 *. Added a decking Cresta Run to the Grass Sledge Course - (with Lloyd’s Bank team help)


 *. Added a climbing wall to Confidence Course - (with Lloyd’s Bank team help)


 *. Added a Monkey Bridge to the confidence course


 *. Added zig zags and crawl netting to Confidence Course


 *. Repaired the Tunnel boxes


 *. Developed the Karts course


 *. Built a double Aerial Runway and launch platform 


 *. Altar Fire storage area created with an additional 6 stands and half barrels.


 *. Pond in wetlands area dug out and cleared ready for next year.


 *. New Plateau Name signs put up around the site 


 *. Professional tree survey completed.

 *. Recommendations agreed, planning consent obtained and actioned

 *. Limited worked needed, thankfully.

 *. Top track hedge trimmed

 *. Tree hedging planted around the edge of the wetlands area and LPG tank



 *. Regular inspection sheets introduced


 *. Site checks undertaken and recorded

Maintenance …a few examples!


 *. Weekly cleaning of loos


 *. Replacement of damaged areas, for example-

      - Camp fire surrounds

      - Confidence Course 


 *. Returning wood to wood pile from around the site


 *. Boiler annual service and repaired the pressure issues in the Autumn.


 *. Fire Extinguishers Annual Service / Replacements made


 *. Unblocked the loos on a number of occasions!!... No pictures!!!!


 *. Grass cutting ...... both with the tractor and by mower - lots of steps walked!


And much, much more......

Tracks on site

The main entrance track in past Pheasants Mead and onto the car park was significantly repaired in March, a week long project.


This resulted in the removal of the large potholes and introduction of speed bumps to ensure drivers reduce speed to the limit set. Other tracks around site have been repaired during the year as necessary.

Camp Fire

With the support from Caroline Hill and her Lloyd’s bank colleagues we have replaced most of the seating around the campfire. This was then treated on a dry winters day in December. 

The wood store near the campfire area now is covered, so your wood should burn better!

Site usage


Glenny Wood Scout Campsite still very popular and used most nights during the year...


 *. Camping most weekends people on site


 *. Lodge in constant use, especially on the weekends


 *. Visitors from France and Holland


 *. Hosted Clapton in Gordano - June summer fair.(Kath and I attended all day)


 * Excile Medics annual conference held at Glenny for the 3rd year- doctors who support disaster areas


 * Hosted Bristol University Martial arts club weekend for the 20th ++ time




 * Website updated as necessary 


 * Factsheets and risk assessments introduced and further ones being developed 


 * Glenny Map updated


 * User guidelines updated and now a factsheet 


 * Fire safety guidelines issued due to hot weather, now a factsheet 

2019 and beyond


The site continues to be very popular with the bookings steadily filling up the Calendar.


The focus this year will be maintaining the site, updating and improving the activities provision. We will also be offering training for those wishing to use the Aerial Runway.


Angus and I will be on site most Wednesdays, duing the day, and you are welcome to join us.... please ring the Glenny number first to check what’s happening......

Work undertaken by Volunteers.... a massive thanks for their commitment and hard work.....


 * Angus Wardle


 * Kath Woolcock


 * Jill & Andy Derrick - focusing on building the Aerial runway tower. Jill is also our treasurer....


 * Business Community support - Lloyd’s bank give and gain days in July and November ..... many team members on site, thank you so much.....


 *  Triple X Explorer Unit


And finally .....me.......Phil Woolcock, Site Chairman & Warden....etc........ I have also been looking after the bookings in 2018.