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Tree Management 


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Bracken / Ferns / Nettles / hedges

and other wild plants


Tree Management.

1 - Focus is on the main using area - 

  • Zone 1, as shown on tree survey map. This is the area most used and where camping takes place.
  • Zone 2 is the remainder of the site, sloping woodland areas.
  • Click on the map to view as larger image

2 - Tree Inspection frequency increased to annually with effect from November 2019.

3 - Tree inspections to be undertaken by O Frost Arboriculture specialist in tree and forestry consultancy throughout the South West

4 - Recommendations from inspection to be reviewed and action commenced within a reasonable time following receipt. If works needed, permission, planning and felling licences obtained prior to works commencing. Replacement trees planted as per planning requirements.

5 - Local passive site reviews of the trees in the main using area to be carried out monthly, by trained Glenny Wood volunteers.

6 - Local site visual reviews will be undertaken from the tracks, of the trees in the rest of the woodland area, zone 2, which will be carried out every 3 months 

7 - Trees planted in 2007 & 2019 to be checked every 6 months to ensure they are healthy. Remedial action to be taken as necessary. Further major tree planting exercise to be considered in the mid 20’s decade.

8 - It is recognised that Glenny Wood does suffer from Ash Dieback, in its early stages. Work suggested, during inspections, to control this and to ensure the safety of the site, site users and contractors is welcome and supported.

9 - Oli Frost -  our professional adviser O Frost Forestry & Arboriculture Ltd. http://www.ofrostarbor.co.uk  on the 4th March 2020 trained the Glenny Wood volunteer team to increase skill levels on what to look for when undertaking local passive site tree inspections.

10 - Windy weather statement with site closure consideration once speeds are forecasted at 32mph is in place, see below.


At Glenny Wood we treat managing our site very seriously and one of the key elements is conservation, managing the woodlands and ensuring a habitat for wild animals native to the area.

Tree Management

On a now annual basis Oli Frost Forestry and Arboriculture Ltd http://www.ofrostarbor.co.uk/index.html visits the site and undertakes an inspection. Following this an action plan is drawn up to put the recommendations into place.

All our trees on site have a Tree Preservation Order on them, so we take time to work with North Somerset Council and the Forrestry Commission to get the necessary permissions to undertake any works required.

We have undertaken an extensive planting programme since 2007. With fabulous support from the Woodland Trust https://shop.woodlandtrust.org.uk we have planeted around 4000 little tree shoots from their woodland packs. Most of these have taken and can be seen as the hedgerows on site.

In addition we have held

2 sponsor tree events

A mega thank you to all those supporting Glenny Wood.

For list of the planting please click on the tree!

In November 2007 we planted 50 trees, between 6 - 8 feet high and the great news is the vast majority of these have taken and grown into more mature trees

In November 2019 we planted a further 50 trees around 6 feet high and we look forward to seeing them grow over the next few years.

Yes we have had to have trees removed as they near the end of their life span, however we are ensuring Glenny Wood is now managed so the future users benefit from a natural woodland.

Bracken / Ferns / Nettles / hedges

and other wild plants

1 - Clearance / containing action to be undertaken by tractor with hedge cutter, Strimmer cutting or hand held hedge cutter 

2 - Plateau sides and top track fence to be machine cut in the Spring, Summer and Autumn to reduce the tick risk on the plateaus and to keep the areas tidy

3 - General Strimmer cutting and clearance to be undertaken as necessary during the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Grass Cutting

1 - All areas to be tractor cut where possible with strimmer and hand mower used as space and safety requires.

Reviewed and revised March 2020

At Glenny Wood Scout Campsite we welcome members of the Scout and Guide Association and D of E Groups, along with other organisations with a similar ethos to that of The Scout Association

Sorry - We are not open to the general public, families etc.. to camp / stay on site

Glenny Wood is the Campsite of Gordano District Scouts

Charity Commission registered number 289643

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