New Tank

It’s not sexy but essential!!

Yes folks - Our new waste management system - BioFicient sewage system, has been installed in November by Anderson’s. The tank and all the rest of the equipment went in well, after a large hole was dug first. Once the installation was completed the Anderson’s team, cleared everything away, seeded for grass around it and left the area extremely tidy. An excellent job and many thanks to our Site Manager Angus for overseeing the works on behalf of Glenny Wood.

The funding for this project was equally shared between Avon Scouts, Gordano Scouts and Glenny Wood. Many thanks to both Avon Scouts and Gordano Scouts for their continued support.

At Glenny Wood Scout Campsite we welcome members of the Scout and Guide Association and D of E Groups, along with other organisations with a similar ethos to that of The Scout Association

Sorry - We are not open to the general public, families etc.. to camp / stay on site

Glenny Wood is the Campsite of Gordano District Scouts

Charity Commission registered number 289643

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