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To book additional Glenny Wood Activities

These forms are to be used to book additional activities / skills for life equipment, if having already made a booking you decide to use more of our great range of activities / skills for life kit available.

Please only use this form once your booking is confirmed.

Please read prior to completing the booking form.


  • The details and booking are as per your completed booking form and booking confirmation received.
  • The visit / residential / camp / activities will be run under your organisation rules and guidelines.
  • Young people will be supervised whilst at Glenny Wood, especially when undertaking activities.
  • I will not change any of the Glenny Wood site / infrastructure.
  • I confirm I will have read and will follow the guidelines and factsheets on the Glenny Wood website along with our motto.
  • To those booking from outside Gordano Scout District to confirm a large event / residential booking, normally a 20% non – returnable deposit is normally required, subject to the COVID-19 promise. When deposits are required you will receive an invoice.
  • Payment after using Glenny Wood to be made within 21days as detailed on the invoice sent.

When completing the form please make sure you have filled in the

* (starred boxes) listed below.

The form will then be ready to send to us.

The more information provided then is alway helpful.

Additional Activities form

Altar fires
Big Games
Camp Fire - Main fire area
Camp Fire - Willow Camp fire area
Confidence Course & Tree Walk
Grass Sledges
Pedal Karts
Pioneering Poles & Ropes
Squirrel trail
Wetlands - Pond dipping etc
Skills 4 Life - please tick then please confirm actual activities below
I do not wish to book Glenny Wood site activities
Field Studies
Morse Code
Knots & Lashing ropes
Flag Semaphore
Mini Pioneering
Ballista Pioneering
Scout Fire Skills
None of the above
Time Activities Required - AM
Time Activities Required - PM
Time Activities Required - Evening
I confirm I have read and will follow the above Glenny Wood Camp Site Booking requirements as per the Booking request declaration

Please double check this form before pressing send to ensure ALL the boxes marked with a star * are filled out

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