To Book Glenny

Bookings info along with Booking Forms, Site Fees and fees ready reckoner

To book Glenny Wood for all visits to the site be it during the day, the evening, to camp, use the lodge or any of the Activities then please complete the relevant form below and send through to Phil on

Email -

      Phone - 01275562102 - (No text messages)

Forms below to book for

Camping or staying in the Lodge overnight at

Glenny Wood Camp plus using the Activities during your stay

Forms below to book Glenny Wood for a morning, afternoon or evening visit.

This includes using the Camp Site plateaus or The Lodge or

having great FUN using our fabulous Activities

2019 Fees for using Glenny Wood

Gordano District members only

Other Scouts and members of the Guide Association

Other Organisations -

 Please note - We will only be able to consider applications from organisations with a similar ethos to that of The Scout Association

(Sole Usage charges, normal fees calculation will be made, with the sole usage charge for 2 nights. If usage is more than the minimum charge, normal fees will apply)

Activities Charges 2019

Gordano District Site users -

For all users an Activities session is up to 2 hours, AM or PM or Evening