Visits to Glenny Wood,

Morning, Afternoons or as most people do.....


The Evening adventure, 

You can book to use the activities or one of the camping areas, or book to just use the site and bring your own activitiy.


Contact us be email to confirm availability and then using the booking form, confirm what you would like to do, timings and numbers involved and we can book you in or agree an alternative date...


To see what is available, please look around this website especially look to see our activities page 



Also please remember when using the site for your and other users safety and fun..........

Health and Safety – each user should complete their own risk assessments when using the site.


LPG– There is an LPG tank on site which is out of bounds. A separate fact sheet and risk assessments are available for this, please familiarise yourself with these when using the site.

Glenny Memorabilia Shop - We have a range of badges, magnets, pencils, woggles etc for site users to purchase to remember their visit to Glenny Wood. There are a number of posters about on site showing what is available and the prices. The small profit made from the shop is ploughed straight back into the site.

Risk Assessments and factsheets

Below are several generic risk assessments. Please read through these in detail and use the additional spaces to add on items you have considered additionally as a risk and how you intend to manage the risks.

The fact sheets and risk assessments are for your information to help you manage the activities.

The leader in charge remains responsible for the individuals they are looking after and ensure the activities are undertaken in a safe way.

Risk Assessments (RA) and Factsheets (FS) Downloads