Camping a

Camping at Glenny Wood


Glenny Wood is a great place to camp. The site is split into 8 camping plateaus. The site lends itself well for all types of camping as the areas differ in size and are easy to access and use.


For those camping we have in the Campers shed a fridge and freezer available for use.


The camping areas –


Apple – Is our largest plateau, which gently slopes towards the lodge and loos. An ideal camping area measuring 77 meters long, and 31 meters wide This good size area can accomodate 4/5 patrol tents and kitchens or 25+ 2 person hike tents


Beech- An ideal camping area, below the lodge. This area is flat and 38 meters long, and 13 meters wide This good size area can accomodate 3/4 patrol tents and kitchens or 10+ 2 person hike tents


Hazel – A small sloping area ideal for 8 + 2 person hike tents


Oak - An ideal camping area, flat and 22 meters long and 4 meters wide increasing to 9 meters wide at the end “bubble”. This good size area, can accomodate 1 patrol tents and kitchens or 5 x 2 person hike tents. Being at the top of the plateaus this is a great site for seeing what’s happening below, ideal for Leaders perhaps!


Birch - An ideal camping area, flat and 48 meters long and 3 meters wide increasing to 7 meters wide at the end “bubble”. This good size area, can accomodate 2 patrol tents and kitchens or 7 x 2-person hike tents


Spruce - An ideal camping area, flat and 52 meters long and 5 meters wide. This good size area, can accomodate 3/4 patrol tents and kitchens or 10 + 2-person hike tents


Cherry - An ideal camping area, flat and 49 metres long, and 5.5 meters wide increasing to 7.5 meters wide. This good size area, can accomodate 2/3 patrol tents and kitchens or 10 + 2-person hike tents


Ash –our smallest plateau at the bottom of the plateau area. It is 15 meters long and 8.5 meters wide. The plateau has a small flat area which can accomodate one patrol tent and kitchen or 5 + 2-person hike tents. Ideal for kitchen / communal tents as there is hard standing on this area.


Health and Safety – each user should complete their own risk assessments when using the site.


LPG– There is an LPG tank on site which is out of bounds. A separate fact sheet and risk assessments are available for this, please familiarise yourself with these when using the site.


Risk assessments and Factsheets can be found at


First Aid - Section Leaders are expected to bring and use their own First Aid kit when using the site and manage situations as they arise. An emergency first aid kit is available on site, if you have forgotten to bring your own, sited in the Adults loos, attached to the back wall. To access the kit the room code is C1360. Please ensure other adults in your group are advised of this code, both to access the adult loos and emergency first aid box. If you use the first aid box, please let me know so I can refill it.


Ticks (Lyme disease) - Like many woodland areas, with bracken and Deer we do have ticks at Glenny. Please be aware of this and don’t forget to remind your parents / guardians to check their child for ticks after a visit. Info on ticks can be found around the site and at You can also get Tick repellent spray, “google” to find it!!


Accidents -Safety, I am sure, is a priority for all of us and through good supervision, communication and managing expectations I am sure you can have a great time at Glenny.

Occasionally accidents happen, so if one of your members has an accident then this should be reported as per your organisations procedures, please also let me know, so I can review for site safety.

If you should damage the site please let me know on the contact details below.

Have a safe visit, risk assessments are on the website and if you have created additional ones and are able to share these, please email them through...


Glenny Memorabilia Shop - We have a range of badges, magnets, pencils, woggles etc for site users to purchase to remember their visit / stay at Glenny Wood. There are a number of posters about on site showing what is available and the prices. If you would like the Shop open then please contact me below. Alternatively let us know what items you wish to purchase and we can either leave then in an agreed place on site or post them to you and add the amount to your bill!

The small profit made from the shop is ploughed straight back into the site.


Dogs - Please remember we do not allow dogs on site, except guide dogs and police dogs.


Rubbish - We have no method of rubbish disposal, therefore please take all rubbish home with you or take it to the local recycling centre…Black Rock Quarry, Valley Road, Portishead, BS20 8JY


Summer opening hours (March to Sept )

     * 8am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday

     * 10am to 6pm Thursday

     * 9am to 6pm Saturday

     * 9am to 5pm Sunday

     * closed Tuesday

     * 9am to 5pm bank holidays

Winter opening hours (October to end Feb)

     * 10am to 4pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

     * 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday

     * Closed Tuesday

     * 9am to 4pm bank holidays


When leaving– Please ensure you leave your camping areas clean and tidy and turn off the fridge / freezer, the socket is above the appliance, ensuring it is clean and both doors left open in the campers shed, unless there are others on site. As you will have also used the other site facilities please leave the site clean and tidy, ready for the next users…..when packing up and leaving please remember and follow the site motto 

take nothing but photographs and memories – leave nothing but footprints

Please ensure you clean toilets / showers and all areas used

Please remember to litter sweep the site.

Please also put all unburnt wood back in the wood pile and return the altar fires to the storage area.

Please ensure that when you have locked up all the padlocks you thoroughly scramble the codes so ensuring the security of the site and sheds


After your visit - Please email to confirm your numbers and what activity areas you used and equipment. This will then generate an invoice to be paid within 14 days of receipt please.


Photos- I welcome any photos to use on our website of your adventures at Glenny


Thank you for using our fabulous site

and have a great time and please leave it clean, neat and tidy.